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cringes, 'cos it hurts a lot !

                     wh— ❞ she whines through puckered lips.                                                                                                              ❝ whash t’ big idea ? ❞

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&. don't cry because it's over.

or we are two of a kind;                    read.                     muse

 when we walk, we are one             ♟independent xion ; canon, au                                      the ((sound)) of lies being told     ♟semi-selective ; oc friendly                            disappear like the sun                    ♟mun is shy but actually loves everyone₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

                   smile because it H A P P E N E D .
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; food headcanon

pplies to canon verse mainly .

     though it appears ninety-nine percent of the time xion only eats ice cream, she’s actually not too picky with food . she can only feel the way something reminds, like how seasalt ice cream tastes of beach & sunsets & friends .

      xion also picks up food from sora’s island. anything tropical , like fish, chocolate, vanilla, coconut— though too much gets her dizzy more often than seasalt ice cream does.

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       [ luckily –– or maybe not so much –– the girl

       finally realized that he was not lying. man, it
       was really hard making her listen. not only that,
       but he was tired of that battle. the wielder had
       had no good reason to fight her, yeesh! he was
       confused, tired and seriously disturbed with that
       sad feeling exploding on his chest. it was too
       much, even for the keybearer alone to handle.
       that agonizing, painful thrill on his throat. ]

           [                               oh, yes.
           a depressive, suffering sensation that burned cons-
           tantly like the own fire itself on his heart, screaming
           in fear, despair and pain. a sensation that shouldn’t
           exist in any world, so sorrowful it was. the name of
           such feeling? doleful memories, certainly. ]

                                           [ but that wasn’t his feeling.
                                           it was never supposed to be
                                           his, anyways. ]

                                                                 r o x a s.

            ❝ i dunno!

                      [ he answered for both questions while
                      panting hard. the sweat was running on
                      his face, the scars of that recent battle,
                      still bleeding warm. but what was hurting
                      the most –––– was that weird feeling on
                      his chest. ]


                                   ❝ the only thing he said was ––––
                                   ‘you make a good other’. and then
                                   he just ––––– he just… vanished.
                                   roxas d i s a p p e a r e d. ❞


& in the end,                                                                                                                                                    she was always the one to suffer.                                                                                                    heart being ripped into ( pi ec es )    ,                                                                                                all strength to support her own body vanished.

     i t was not over yet , the hurt .                                                                                                                 blind adrenaline still coursed through throbbing veins,                                                                      yet that didn’t silence her crumbling mentality .                                                                                     she feels like she’s BURNING UP —-  

in sadness, perhaps ? or in despair ?                                                                                                              oh, that’s right. ( a constant reminder — )

emotionless 。

             then why, W H Y —- ?                                                                                                                        why was there shattering in her chest?                                                                                          xion couldn’t bear to look at sora, anymore.                                                                                         all those cuts and bruises and B L O O D —                                                                                    all her fault and it wasn’t even H E R keyblade .                                                                                  ( just like it wasn’t sora’s memories. )

please , ❞                                                                                                                                                                      she’s on her knees.                                                                                                                        ( blood seeping from wounds,                                                                                                                    dripping into darkness—                                                                                                                   that is the fate of monsters )

find him , sora . ( you’re the only one who can .)                                                                                                                  i just want him to be okay

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' why didn't 'cha tell me you had a fairy earlier, huh ? ’

     we sparkles in her eyes, almost as much as the fairy glows .                                                            she’s a pretty thing, of fairy dust & a gorgeous dress &

                  ’ wings ! ah, roxas,                                                                                                                                            i want to be a fairy someday !  ’

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                            so, um, hi ? 

birthdays are weird. i find them weird, in a peculiar, philosophical sense that would probably bore you guys should i ever expand on my views of it. but, all of that aside, GUYS. this post isn’t so much about my birthday as it is about thanking all of you for sticking around with me for nine months already. elsie’s been my longest muse so far, and everything i’ve done and everything i’ve shared with every single one of you has contributed to what is an incredible journey. and, as all follow forevers go, i’m pretty sure i’m going to forget a couple of beautiful people because of my stupid memory, but i just want you all to know that i love each and every single one of you, and that you’re all the reason why i’m still here. those on this list aren’t even half of the people i’d like to thank for their continued support and love, so i’ll say it now: if you even happen to glance at this little post thingy, thank you; i love you very much.

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send me a “✎” and ill draw your muse

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     h old breath until purple & stay very, very still .                                                                                                                                 ( that’s what a good pillow would do ! )

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hxartfilia: [[this is the mun of flxrryviii; but you are so presh. You are like the perfect xion <3 I adore her so much and Axel enjoys interacting with her. He considers her to be like his Xion :3 ]]



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