send me a ■ and the muse will say aloud the first thing they think internally about your character .


  i wonder what she’ll draw today .

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Send me a ■ and the muse will say aloud the first thing they think internally about your character.

dethiux: — ;; " Little black canary. Guess I should open the cage for you huh?"


you have a black canary ? ❞ inquires with bright eyes.                                                                                            'cos, don't let it go yet ! i haven't even seen it !

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name: smiles

nickname: smiles— gets hit ??

birthday: two.seventeen

gender: girl

sexuality: h OP E

height: teeny tiny uhuhu—-

time zone: central ov<

what time and date is it currently: 6:02 p.m., 9/29/14

average hours of sleep: five !

OTP’s: oh no

first word that comes to mind: WEIWEIPONPONPON—-

one place that makes me happy: under covers and with my dumb pokemon patterened pillows i—

favorite beverage: bubble tea *q*

how many blankets do I sleep with: one uvu

I tag: anyone who wants to uvu

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i wasn’t allowed to be this cute when i was 3 months old
                                                                          { stop roxas 2k14 tbh }

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( ´△`)

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hopefulleafarchive: Memeurize me


hen we’re older you will understand what i mean’t when i said 

                                                    ( no. )

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     ”Ah, no. Don’t mention it.” Roxas snaps from his own absorbing thoughts, shaking his head and smiling. There’s no need to thank him. This was a gift and it brings satisfaction to share it with his friend. “It’s called Traverse Town.” A city submerged in night and warm lights of street lanterns; a city he remembers through someone else’s memories.

      “Looks like you had a long day.” He chuckles, noticing her enthusiasm while relishing on the soft snack, himself avidly enjoying her company in a similar manner.

❝ nn— - ? 

he can’t say she’s been there before—
but the name seems awfully familiar, almost enough to ponder with until her companion says something else.

nd at his comment, sticky fingers move to her forehead.
                                               ( it’s suppost’a be an exasperated look —
                                                                      saix does it a lot . ) 

❝ shrinking ‘n growin’ and shrinking ALL day !❞                                                                                      ( 'n her head throbs with flowers singing and doorknob snoring and queen shouting, but that's minor now that he's here. )

              ❝ how about you, roxas ?                                                                                                                                           hope you did’t have too much fun without me !    

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' give it back . ‘ 

oftly, yet firmly— -                                                                                                                                               one cannot appear w e a k, nor appear s t r o n g .
( yet, xion’s still trembling in anxiety . )

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                             ’ h-hey, i’m not a monster ! promise ! ‘

     queaks as another arrow whizzes by— - it isn’t until her ‘pursuer’ stops at the nobody’s hiding place xion realizes it was aimed at the target above .

     ut she’s found out, anyway, so introduction is probably necessary. scuffling forward, hands twining themselves together in shadow-anxiety, xion takes a breath. they’re a little taller than she thought .

' sorry . jus', ah…                                                                                                                                                                                 your hooves are really big. '

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